professional IoT hardware
development platforms

Hardware Development Platform design, done properly

ATOM's Hardware Development Platforms (HDPs) are designed from the ground up to be the best electronics engineering solutions.

We sweat the details
so you don't have to

Refining everything down to our electromagnetic compliance (EMC) scores, so product designers can shorten R&D times, and avoid expensive EMC redesigns altogether.

Easy to use

Our HDPs are built from the ground up to be easier to work with, and full technical files are provided to give you all of the information you need to succeed with your design. With our OXYGEN education board you will learn how to use the powerful I2C-SPI communications backbone to easily work with multiple daughterboards simultaneously.

IoT comes of age

Our HDPs are designed to work with the cutting edge of IoT technology, and we’re already working on what’s coming up next.

Massively reduce R&D

With HYDROGEN (our debug board), you can use dedicated ports to debug without having to detach other daughterboards.

Advanced in-product security

BARYON, our in-product security system protects customers' IP from theft.

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Easy to Program


Serial Communications Architecture (I2C-SPI)


Atom's System Management & Security

ARM Core

ARM Cortex User Micro-Controller

Debug Port

Connects to PC (via HYDROGEN)

Einsteinium board


Ultra Low EMC Score


Connect to Popular 3rd Party Daughterboards


Robust Serial Communications Standard


User Programmable

Differential I2C

Off-Board Communications


Ultra Low EMC Score

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professional IoT hardware
development platforms